Why we say it how it is

Yes, we know we have a reputation in the industry for saying it how it is. We’re not pretentious types and actually we don’t even like agents who are all smiles and sweetness but never speak their mind!

You see, we’ve learned that honesty is the best policy when it comes to selling houses. If we think your house has issues which need to be taken care of, we’ll tell you without beating about the bush. If we think our competition isn’t playing fair by trying to impress you with an over-inflated price, we’re going to say it how it is.

So we’re not going to offer needless flattery and we’ll skip a lot of the sales patter so we can get down to business. But we think you’re going to be very grateful for our very direct approach.

Because when we go in to bat on behalf of our clients, we make sure the job is done properly. We know how to deal with difficult buyers and when it gets down to the negotiation stage, you’re going to be really glad we’re on your side.