We're proud of our reputation

Have you noticed how many sales people have come and gone in the local big real estate franchises? We actually feel sorry for them. Eager and often with very little experience, they struggle sometimes for many months to earn enough commission to pay their way. But what really hurts is the vendors who get hurt in the process.

We’re proud of the many years we’ve invested in building our very solid reputation. We’re known for being really down to earth, honest and saying it how it is. We’ve also earned a lot of respect for really knowing the real estate market in our neighbourhood.

People usually find us through referrals from happy clients. A lot of them have bought and sold through us many times over the years. Some of our younger clients have come to us because the parents or grandparents dealt with us many years ago and they’ve been assured we’ll deliver real value.

You can’t survive in this game for as long as we have unless your track record is solid.