Real estate agent Westlakes

We’re the independent agents who know your street

We’ve been determined to maintain our independence over many years simply because we believe this enables us to deliver better value to our clients. Here’s why.

We’re honest about the marketing budget. We believe in the power of effective print advertising. But we dislike how so many vendors are sucked in to paying for advertising, in particular large and unnecessarily expensive newspaper ads, which does more to advertise the real estate company than their vendors’ properties. Apply a little pressure and you’ll often hear that sales staff from the big companies are under pressure to meet marketing budgets, money which ultimately comes from vendors.

Being in control means we’re more efficient. Admittedly we don’t like the thought of taking orders from some distant boss in another state, but we know this is good for our clients too. That’s because the buck stops with the people you’re talking to. And at the end of the day our reputation is on the line with every property we sell.

Experience really counts. All too often we see people sign up with the senior people in the big franchises, only to later find that junior staff end up running the open inspections and putting together the paperwork. We think the details are important, that’s why we take responsibility for all the small things as well as the big deals.

We’re here for the long haul. There are way too many fly-by-night operators in the real estate industry. When you talk to us you’ll quickly learn we’ve been good at what we do for a very long time. And we have a lot of years still left in us!