Sue and Mandy - property managers at Walsh Real Estate

A long term approach to managing your investment property

Meet Sue and Mandy. Yes we know they look far too young when you consider they have over thirty years of property management experience between them, but you’d better believe they know every trick in the book.

When it comes to managing tenants, they’ve seen it all and they are remarkably good at avoiding the pitfalls. Not only are they very good when it comes to judging the character of prospective tenants, they also know how to keep their tenants happy. And long term tenants generally make landlords very happy.

Sue and Mandy have both worked for Walsh Real Estate for many, many years. That’s unusual in the property management world where long term relationships can be all too rare. In fact if you’ve grown a little tired of having to explain your situation to a new property manager every year or two, you’re going to love meeting this pair.

Reasons why we should manage your investment property

You’ll get paid more frequently. Most property managers transfer rent money to their clients once a month. We do ours fortnightly. It’s your money after all, so we think you should keep it in your bank account, not ours.

Your interests come first. We have an awesome reputation for being very protective of our landlords and landladies. We treat their investment properties as if they were ours and take great care in sourcing trustworthy tenants.

We’re up to date with all the legislation. There have been a lot of changes in the rules that govern rental properties, and we’re up to speed on all of them. After all, our job is to help protect our property investors from making costly mistakes.

We believe in long term relationships. Most of our investors have had us manage their properties over many years. They like that we have grown to understand their individual needs and the quirks of their properties without having to bother them repeatedly. We also work hard at building good relationships with trustworthy tenants. There’s nothing more dangerous to an investment property then a disgruntled tenant.